Farm Worker Legalization

The biggest concern facing undocumented farm workers and what makes them so vulnerable to abuse is the lack of legal status. Immigrant farm workers whose skill and hard work feed America have earned the right to apply to legally remain in the United States. America’s farm workers and their families—including many U.S. citizen children— need relief from the palpable fear that paralyzes local communities. Farm workers are afraid to leave their homes when they drive to work every morning. More than one million immigrant farm workers who perform one of the toughest jobs producing our food must be relieved of the fear of deportation and have the opportunity to freely work, 旅行, rejoin loved ones, and live without uncertainty.

Our communities cannot wait. We need concrete action this year for our Dreamers, TPS Recipients, and essential workers like farmworkers. We need your help building on the momentum of the hard-working immigrants who call this country home but lack the security that legal status and citizenship provide.

Farmworkers have been fighting for more than 20 years for the opportunity to earn a path to citizenship and we simply can’t wait any longer. Essential workers like farmworkers, TPS recipients, and DACA holders have been putting their lives at risk and have kept our country moving forward. Farmworkers toil under the scorching sun, performing skilled and strenuous work in fields, 奶牛场, and ranches to ensure we have food on our tables. Farmworkers have stepped up for the nation and now it’s time for Congress to step up for us and our families by providing a path to citizenship.

We appreciate every action you take as your help is essential for the people who put food on our tables. Please sign this petition today and call your Senator to support undocumented immigrants' path forward, including farmworkers.


Farm workers can't wait and the timing is critical. Sign the petition to show support for farm workers leading the fight to win farm worker legalization! Si Se Puede! 

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